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  • "Forum Munich Aerospace" kickoff at TUM in Garching
    04 November 2016

    4 November 2016 - Starting November 10, the TUM Institute of Flight System Dynamics resumes the lecture series Forum Munich Aerospace. Hans J. Steininger, CEO of MT Aerospace and member of the Munich Aerospace Board of Trustees, and former astronaut Professor Ulrich Walter will be among the speakers.[ more... ]

  • New Information Brochure on Ludwig Bölkow Campus launched
    02 November 2016

    2 November 2016 - Ludwig Bölkow Campus GmbH and Munich Aerospace have launched a new information brochure on the Ludwig Bölkow Campus. Information on the organisation, fields of research and research projects on the innovation campus located south of Munich can be found in the 17-page brochure.[ more... ]

  • Science representatives from partner regions visit Ludwig Bölkow Campus
    22 July 2016

    22 July 2016 - As part of the Regional Leaders' Summit, a delagation of almost 30 scientists from Bavaria's partner regions visited the Ludwig Bölkow Campus on 14 July. Following presentations about Ludwig Bölkow Campus GmbH and Munic Aerospace, the participants from Québec (Canada), Shandong (China), Western Cape (South Africa), Upper Austria and Georgia (USA) toured the campus with its startups and research facilities. After a networking lunch, Munich Aerospace introduced their project Global Aerospace Campus, which was met with a positive response by the scientists. The results from this workshop were included in the project presentation on the following Friday, 15 July at the Regional Leaders' Summit.[ more... ]

  • Munich Aerospace Summer School "Flying Robots" with research and industry representatives
    30 June 2016

    30 June 2016 - Nearly 100 interested participants attended the Munich Aerospace Summer School "Flying Robots -– Concepts and Challenges of Aerial Autonomy“ from 22 to 24 June. Scientists, industry and research experts discussed engineering, mathematical and legal questions as well as problematic areas of application and innovative approaches to their solution.[ more... ]

  • ESA astronaut Samantha Cristoforetti talks about "200 Days in Space" at Forum Munich Aerospace
    02 June 2016

    2 June 2016 - The Technische Universität München welcomed ESA astronaut Samantha Cristoforetti as part of the lecture series "Forum Munich Aerospace". From November 2014 until June 2015 the Italian native and TUM alumna was on the International Space Station (ISS). Her lecture "The Futura Mission - 200 Days in Space" described her time in outer space. Apart from accounts of research and maintenance work Cristoforetti also provided insight into everyday life on the ISS and talked about peculiarities of living in zero gravity. Subsequently, the astronaut answered questions from the audience and made time for photos and signatures.[ more... ]