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the Ludwig Bölkow Campus

Munich enjoys an excellent reputation as a research and technology hub for the aerospace and security sectors. Since 2012, renowned academic institutions, startups, industrial companies and spin-offs in the aerospace industry, as well as security technology have come together on the Ludwig Bölkow Campus (LBC) under the banner campus@industry. Institutions of participating industrial partners, the Technical University of Munich and the University of the German Federal Armed Forces, the hosting of the visionary think tank, Bauhaus Luftfahrt, and the involvement of the German Aerospace Centre and Munich University on-site ensure that the results of research are properly implemented to make commercially viable products. The LBC enhances Munich’s position as a centre for business and science and acts as a magnet for international specialists and experts from the worlds of science, business and politics. Research is conducted in four areas on the campus with the support of the Free State of Bavaria: Green Aerospace, Public Security, Autonomous Systems and Integrated Systems. Numerous research projects have already been successfully completed or have made significant progress.

Our vision is to make the Ludwig Bölkow Campus an international hub for trend-setting innovations, new approaches and hands-on training in the fields of aerospace and security.

Our mission is to sustainably link science and industry from all over the world in a creative environment and boost innovation from the idea to the product.


Autonomous systems such as unmanned aircraft will soon be part of everyday life. In order to attain the highest possible degree of automation, realistic parameters are defined on the LBC for applications and missions of all kinds.


Reducing aviation’s ecological footprint is one of the primary challenges of the next few decades. In the course of reducing greenhouse gas emissions, the spotlight is on the move away from traditional energy sources.


The overall system capability is a major factor in innovative capacity, and represents an increasing technological and commercial challenge. For this purpose, integration laboratories and diverse simulation capacities for prototypes and demonstrators are being developed and constructed on the campus.


Current technological developments pose new challenges to the aerospace industry – for example through cyber attacks on our infrastructure. To guarantee security in spite of these changes, some highly promising approaches are being developed on the LBC.

Consortium Partners of the Ludwig Bölkow Campus

The consortium partners of the Ludwig Bölkow Campus represent five renowned scientific players in the field of aerospace research and three global corporations.

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