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  • Ideation lab covering the topic “How can 3D printing save the world” on Ludwig Bölkow Campus
    04 October 2018
    Ideation Lab

    On September 20, approx. 60 experts from industry and science met on the initiative of Bayern Innovativ and Airbus R&T (CRT) to discuss the topic ”3D printed - function integrated“.  At the beginning of the event speakers from industry presented actual use cases for additive manufacturing with the focus on applications in aerospace. The scientific status of basic materials used for additive manufacturing as well as the challenges and solutions for integrated functions rounded up the presentations before lunch time. The spotlight in the afternoon has been on the workshop “Ideation lab additive manufacturing - how can 3D printing save the world?“ The moderated workshop was conducted under the format of a ”creative sprint“ with the aim to generate ideas and visions, and to find new ideas for products/parts. Four start-ups located at LBC and doing business in the field of additive manufacturing were present with a booth and participated at the workshop.

  • 24h challenge at LBC on July 10
    13 July 2018
    24h challenge Viscopic 10.07.18

    On July 10, ”Viscopic GmbH“ ( another LBC-based start-up company has taken advantage of the “24h challenge” offered by the Airbus Leadership University. Airbus managers enrolled in the “Experienced Manager Programme” support young companies in finding solutions and strategies for a given topic in the frame of the “24h challenge”. This initiative contributes to a rapid and successful growth of the start-ups.

  • Get-together at University of Armed Forces, study program “Aeronautical Engineering”
    10 July 2018
    Get together UniBw 06.07.18

    On July 6, another get-together event took place on Ludwig Bölkow Campus (LBC). In the spacious facility of the University of Armed Forces the professors and their staff presented the tutor and the impressive scientific equipment of the study program “Aeronautical Engineering” to their fellow colleagues located at LBC. Flying a traffic pattern in one of the numerous flight simulators was obviously a must-do. The so called "get-togethers" take place every 2 months with changing locations and serve the networking on campus.

  • International conference hosted by Ludwig Bölkow Campus
    08 June 2018
    180607 ATL

    On June 6, Ludwig Bölkow Campus hosted a seminar for professionals titled “Autonomous traffic and logistics in all dimensions”. This conference, jointly organized and held by Munich Network, Ludwig Bölkow Campus, and Airbus Space and Defence, united international actors active in the field of transport and traffic. The forum covered the whole range of aspects from technological developments, safety and security issues, to legal aspects and regulative policies. In the course of the event the start-up company “Blickfeld” won the “Autonomous Traffic & Logistics Innovation Award” worth 5.000 Euro.

  • Ludwig Bölkow Campus at “SAMPE 2018”
    04 June 2018
    Sampe 2018

    The Ludwig Bölkow Campus presented itself jointly with xC Consultants GmbH for the first time in the USA on the occasion of the “SAMPE 2018” in Long Beach, California. The trade show specialized in CFRP materials organized on May 22 under the leadership of xC Consultants GmbH a start-up award with participating young companies from North America and Europe. The 1st price went to US-based start-up company MITO Material Solutions ( Standing in front of the start-up pavilion: Alexander Mager, Heidrun Keim, and Professor Klaus Drechsler (from left to right)