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Additive Layer Manufacturing for Acoustic Metamaterials

The ALMA project assesses the application potential of additive layer manufacturing (ALM) for the manufacturing of structures with tailored acoustic properties, which help to reduce interior noise in aerospace vehicles. These structures can contribute to an increase in passenger comfort with less mass and in consequence, with less fuel consumption.


Project lead:
Dr. Rainer Stößel (Airbus)

Project partners:
Airbus, APWorks, TU Munich

The focus lies on acoustic metamaterials which can control, dampen or modify sound waves by their spatial structure. For this purpose, theoretical concepts are chosen and their applicability for aerospace vehicles (aircraft or helicopters) is assessed. The necessary computational methods for acoustic metamaterials are being specifically developed by TU Munich. Selected design concepts for aerospace parts will be realized in cooperation with APWorks for all Airbus divisions. The most promising designs will be characterized in the acoustics lab and their industrialization will be assessed for aerospace vehicles.