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Public Security


Air Traffic Resilience

Today‘s trend toward interlinking technical networks of previously separate civil aviation systems and infrastructures to form an indispensable infrastructure generates not only intended effects such as increased efficiency but also new risks, particularly from cyberspace. ARIEL is to determine in a holistic manner potential risks to critical elements of aviation infrastructure, as the potential is already seen today of threats to public safety through sophisticated cyberattacks.


Project lead:
Dr. Tobias Kiesling (IABG)

Project partners:
IABG, Airbus, DLR, Bauhaus Luftfahrt, Munich University, Fraunhofer Institute for Service & Application Security (AISEC), University of Federal Armed Forces Munich, DFS

Practical cyber risk research is aimed at developing innovative correlation methods for complex total system risks and risk indicators and devising prevention strategies based on specific scenarios, ultimately achieving the overall objective of increased aviation resilience.


              ARIEL Recommendations, Version 2.0