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Autonomous Systems


All-Electric Unmanned Reconnaissance and Aerial Imaging Airborne System

The aim of the present research project AURAIS is to develop and demonstrate critical technologies from the aspect of certifiability, and to ensure for the first time in Germany the introduction of ultralight electrically powered aircraft as an unmanned sensor platforms with an optimized payload for civilian applications.


Project lead:
Roland Leitner (IABG)

Project partners:
IABG, ACENTISS, VITES, SILVER ATENA, TU Munich, Munich University, ZfT

The manned, fully electric technology system demonstrator “ELIAS” with a current maximum take-off mass of 350kg and an engine output of 18kW is to be used as a basis. Furthermore, the technologies developed within the framework of the Bavarian research project EUROPAS are to be used as a basis to further develop the optional ELIAS flight system with automatic take-off and landing capability in combination with an applicable standardised ground control station. An extra challenge is the management of small drones by means of air-supported relay stations (demonstration with ELIAS) to extend the area of application and the autonomous creation of 3D maps.

Photography: Ch. Krause (2017)