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integrated systems


Integrated system for recording process chain data

The project „Integrated system for recording process chain data” does not only allow for an increased understanding of the chosen processes but also supports the development and the implementation of connected and multi-staged evaluations of process chains and their parameters.


Project lead:
Dr. Natalie Mayer (InFactory Solutions)

Project partners:
ArianeGroup, Cevotec,, InFactory Solutions, fortiss, TU München

Associated partners:
Fraunhofer IGCV, Premium Aerotec

Such systems will soon be offered as “IoT-ready” to the market. The system used in the course of this project shall, on the one hand, make the processes more productive and of higher quality and, on the other hand, support the elaboration of a generic concept for the digitization of different technical equipment offered as a ready-made solution. The chosen platform, on which the application will run under this project, is intended to provide the basis for implementing additional applications in the “Factory of the Future” in a quick and flexible way.