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Aeomiq is a startup aiming at the development of a new generation of anti- and de-icing systems, combining a profound expertise in icing, materials and surface treatments, as well as electronics and software development. Aeomiq’s smart electro-thermal heating systems are suitable for versatile de- and anti-icing applications. Such technology provides increased efficiency and decreasing costs, enabling new markets such as Urban/Regional Air Mobility and emission-free aviation.

Aeomiq GmbH was founded in 2021 and it is currently incubated in the ESA BIC Bavaria, with Airbus as partner. Aeomiq has in-depth experience in the aerospace and IoT industry, being a team of researchers, engineers, designers and business specialists.


Aeomiq GmbH
Willy-Messerschmitt-Straße 1
82024 Taufkirchen