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As a young, fast growing technology company we develop hydrogen storage and refueling technologies, primarily based on the CRYOGAS technology for refueling and storage of cryogenic hydrogen gas (CcH2). We see applications for our proprietary technologies primarily in long-range commercial vehicles, coaches, construction vehicles, agricultural machinery, but also in small aircraft and short-range aircraft, as well as trains and smaller ships. Thanks to our technology, commercial vehicles can achieve ranges similar to today's diesel vehicles, can be refueled just as quickly, and run completely emission-free. Together with our national and international partner companies, we will demonstrate the first truck applications in 2023 and launch them on the market from 2024. We are working intensively on the timely implementation of further applications.
In everything we do, we follow our guiding principle of accelerating the decarbonization of energy and transport and thus reducing our human carbon footprint. That is why, together with our partner companies, we are giving priority to the use of green hydrogen, produced from renewable energies in Germany, Europe and worldwide in a way that serves the system.


Willy-Messerschmitt-Straße 1
82024 Taufkirchen