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Munich Aerospace provides an array of targeted degree and continuing education programmes for aerospace researchers associated with the institution's four members: Technical University of Munich, German Aerospace Center, University of the German Armed Forces and Bauhaus Luftfahrt. These include an aerospace graduate school, a teaching partnership between TUM and UniBw, the international online course offering "Global Aerospace Campus" and select lecture series by the institution's members.

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Munich Aerospace Graduate School

The Munich Aerospace graduate school is structured specifically to meet the needs of young academics. Three-day retreats and Partner Day events are held at the four Munich aerospace locations – Ludwig Bölkow Campus, Oberpfaffenhofen, Garching and Neubiberg – to provide both insights into the research activities of the partner organisations and opportunities for networking with international scientists and R&D departments of industry firms.

MOOC “Global Aerospace Campus” courses

The “Global Aerospace Campus” is a Massive Open Online Course platform set up under the leadership of Munich Aerospace aimed at aerospace students from Bavaria's partner regions: Quebec, Sao Paulo, Georgia, Shandong, Western Cape and Upper Austria. Government representatives finalised the teaching partnership of the RLS-Sciences scientific alliance at the 8th Regional Leaders’ Summit 2016 held at the “Munich Residence”.


Munich Aerospace e.V. – Bayerisches Forschungsnetzwerk 
Willy-Messerschmitt-Straße 1
82024 Taufkirchen

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Teaching partnership between TUM and UniBw

Since 2011, and because of the efforts of Munich Aerospace, aerospace students of the Technical University of Munich (TUM) and the University of the German Armed Forces have enjoyed broad access to lectures, seminars and internships offered by the respective partner university for credit in their own master's degree programme. TUM students can thus take classes offered by the UniBw for home credit as a supplemental course (Ergänzungsfach). By the same token, UniBw students can attend TUM classes for credit as an elective.

Academic event series

Munich Aerospace supports the following lecture series: “Forum Munich Aerospace” at the Institute of Flight System Dynamics and “Launcher Propulsion” at the Aircraft Propulsion faculty of the Technical University of Munich, as well as the “Aeronautical Engineering” colloquium of the Aeronautical Engineering programme of the University of the German Armed Forces.

Please refer to the Munich Aerospace websitefor further information on current course and event offerings.